The Pass of Brander (cd)
Some History about the Title Tune:
The Pass of Brander, a 9/8 retreat, won the Castle Minard competition in 1978. It was judged to be the best Simple March as well as the Best Tune overall in the competition by Mr Archie Kenneth and Mr James Campbell.
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"There is a definite Thomson Stamp to the tunes and they deserve to be heard and played far and wide, as indeed does this recording with its sensitive arrangements and new sound for the pipes, congratulations to all concerned"
Freeland Barbour
"The tunes are well constructed, very playable and pleasing... and have the feel of good traditional pipe music"
Dugald MacNeill
"This is a C.D. which is very easy to listen to. Very popular!"
The Gordon Highlanders Museum

Reviews of the album recently posted on the internet:
"There are some great tunes in this collection and I can see quite a few creeping into dance bands’ sets, mainly because the tunes are well constructed with plenty of lift to them and the tempos can be easily adapted... Bruce has to be congratulated on his compositions, modern tunes of the highest calibre".
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"Track one immediately draws the listener in, as it is full of interest with the 4/4 tune ‘Ewan Stark’. Impossible not to have your foot tapping along with this delightful music. Track 3 brings us back to Highland Pipe sound with ‘Marissa Ferguson’ hornpipe. Again, delightful and full of interest.
With 17 tracks altogether, I could actually write exactly the same for each one. They are all pleasing and so delightful to listen to. A compliment to Dr Bruce’s composing and playing skills enhanced by Derek Richardson on guitar, whistle, mandolin & keyboards, and Callum Wallace on percussion".
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There are seventeen tracks on the album and in the book. For a full track listing click here.
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Streaming Samples
Ewan Stark
Kate McNiven
Colonel TJ Young MC TD
Buchanan Castle
Nikki Thomson


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Ewan Stark
Kate McNiven
Colonel TJ Young MC TD
Buchanan Castle
Nikki Thomson



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"The Pass Of Brander"
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Full Track Listing
1. Ewan Stark
2. Kate McNiven
3. Marissa Ferguson
4. Lady Mary’s Walk Set
5. Why?
6. Colonel T.J. Young MC, TD
7. The Callander Waltz Set
8. The Comrie Capercaillie
9. Buchanan Castle
10. Nikki Thomson
11. Armadale Bay Set
12. Resolution
13. Pat Stuart Set
14. The Pass of Brander Set
15. Goodbye Alistair Gordon
16. Cluny MacPherson Set
17 Serendipity