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Bruce has composed more than three hundred tunes, a number of which have been published by Deeay Music of Forfar.

Both of Bruce's Albums: The Pass of Brander and The Sma' Glen can now be purchased and downloaded at:
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East Lothian's Pipe Idol...
Bruce Thomson's 6/8 march The Haddington Turnpike wins the "Tune For East Lothian" competition:

"After a great evening in Haddington's Corn Exchange on Sunday 8 March, a winner was selected for the new East Lothian pipe 'anthem'.

Bruce Thomson from Crieff was the composer of the winning tune - a two-part 6/8 march entitled 'The Haddington Turnpike'."

Read more at the Haddington Pipe Band Website - here

(go to the News Bulletin page and scan for article entitled "As Good As It Gets")

Also featured in Pipes and Drums - here
Hear Bruce play the tune by clicking - here

You can also watch The Haddington Turnpike being played by the Massed Bands at Athelstaneford in April 2009 by clicking - here.

Or clicking on the image below...

Tommy MacDonald of Barguillean...
The following is an extract from an article by Pipe Major Robert Mathieson (leader of the Schotts and Dykehead) in a recent edition of The Piping Times regarding Bruce Thomson's tune Tommy MacDonald of Barguillean:

"Pipe Major Mathieson, a five time winner of the World Pipe Band Championship, plus many other major titles, said... ...he had opted to open the new Shotts Medley with a more traditional sounding tune Tommy MacDonald of Barguillean a 2/4 march by Dr Bruce Thomson.

"Now, this is a modern tune, instantly attractive. Among all the tunes I wish I'd written this is certainly one".

Pipe Major R Mathieson

Tommy MacDonald was played by the Schotts & Dykehead as the lead tune in their medley at the World Pipe Band championships (where they were placed 3rd). You can see the performance here.

Tommy MacDonald of Barguillean can be found (amongst many other tunes) in Bruce Thomson's book The Pass of Brander.

It can be purchased here and you can find out more about the book here.

You will also find a copy of the sheet music here.

You can find out more about Piper Major Mathieson and the Schotts and Dykehead pipeband here and here.


There is now a second C.D. and book of Bruce Thomson's music entitled - The Sma' Glen.
"These tunes come as a breath of fresh air to a piping scene dominated by a competition repertoire that has become stereotyped after many years. I find Bruce's compositions to be highly melodic, lingering on long after being heard. The music is highly original".
Andrew Wright - Past President of The Piobaireachd Society
"As a former Pipe-Major in the British Army and prize winner in major competitions, and now tutor at the college of piping, Glasgow; I know a good tune when I hear it. Doctor Bruce Thomson is well known for his composing ability and demonstrates that here. I have found great pleasure in playing the contents and I'm sure others will do likewise".
Pipe-Major Joe Wilson - The Gordon Highlanders
"...and fine tunes they are too..."


There are seventeen tracks on the album. For a full track listing click here.
Streaming Sound Samples
You can listen to short samples of selected tracks through streaming media by clicking the links below.
2. The London Scottish Polka
4. Portsonnochan Hall
9. Andrew Wright
11. Knit One Pearl Two
13. Clachan Yell
17. Rory Sinclair
Download MP3s
Alternatively you can download short MP3s by clicking the links below:
Alternatively you can download short MP3s by clicking the links below:
2. The London Scottish Polka
4. Portsonnochan Hall
9. Andrew Wright
11. Knit One Pearl Two
13. Clachan Yell
17. Rory Sinclair


How to order the CD and/or book of -
"The Sma' Glen"
You can place an order directly via the artist. Simply email saying the number of CDs/books you require. Please give your name and a contact number.
Or order it from musicinscotland.com by following this link.
Full Track Listing
1. The Comrie Pipe-Band
2. The London-Scottish Polka
3. The Sma' Glen
4. Portsonachan Hall
5. Chrissie Dixon
6. Rumbling Bridge, Waltzes
7. Dr Bill Fraser
8. Kinshaldi Beach Polka
9. Andrew Wright
10. Inchaffray
11. Knit One Purl Two
12. Bill Hart
13. Clachan Yell
14. Derek Richardson
15. The Knees Up Polka
16. The Queen Of Scots
17 Rory Sinclair


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