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(U.S.) https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/deafblind/id667500671?uo=4
Award winning, critically acclaimed short film written and directed by Ewan Bailey.(15:30 mins)
Starring Maxine Peake & James Young

BAFTA longlisted - 2013 Winner Milan International, Sidewalk & Oxford Film Festivals

"A Deaf and Blind woman feels Christ's presence in her home despite her deep depression. Is it Christ? Or a disturbed young man who has developed an intense obsession with her? ".
"Atmospheric and memorable"
Francine Stock - The Film Programme (BBC)
"Amazingly unique"
CFC Toronto World Wide Short Film Festival
"Beautiful and Harrowing"
BBC Radio 4
"Director Ewan Bailey turns the reality we take for granted on its head..."   "The extraordinary performance of Maxine Peake..."
Milan International Film Festival
"In this Slamdance Film Juror's opinion, the best short film at Slamdance this year".
Jack Truman - Slamdance Short Film Juror
"...challenging and entertaining, will leave them talking for days..."
Randall Good - Captain Slamdance Short Films Committee
"Director Ewan Bailey uses just the right amount of ambiguity in this stirring tale, and the cinematography is haunting and cold-as-ice. A very resonant piece."

I usually write starting from an idea that I can't shake off. In this instance: a DeafBlind woman who isn't aware that there is an intruder living in her house.

Although the DeafBlindness features strongly in the film, it isn't a film about this terrible disability. Ultimately, Maggie and Ben both suffer from another crippling affliction - the inability to touch another human.

I wanted to show Maggie as a complex character. Not someone who, because of her disability, wasn't allowed to be in other ways imperfect. She deals with her predicament badly: she drinks, she is full of self-loathing, her religion borders on delusion and drives her further into isolation. She is a bitter character. She's not "nice". And I think Maxine Peake captured this perfectly.

I started out assuming this film was about isolation. The paradox is that it is just as much about love.

Maggie…   Maxine Peake
The Priest…   James Allen
Ben…   James Young
Frank…   Pete McCabe
DeafBlind Woman…   Ruth Arnold
Director of Photography…   Sam Montague
Focus Puller …   Kevin Callanan
Sound Recordist…   Darrell Briggs
Dialogue Sound Recordist…   Jon Calver
1st Assistant Director…   Malcolm Davies
Hair and Make-up…   Abi Morris
Wardrobe…   Rebecca Russell-Turner
Production Manager…   Tim Cockroft
Runner…   Rosie Ward
Movement Director…   Ruth Naylor-Smith
Art Department…   Ewan Bailey
DIT…   Dan Gonzales
Editor…   Ewan Bailey
Editor…   Mark Rodway
Sound Designer   Darrell Briggs
Colourist…   Mark Rodway
Visual FX...   The Brewery
    Gus Martinez
    Marc Knapton
Casting Director…   Daniel Edwards
Producer…   Ewan Bailey
Written And Directed By…   Ewan Bailey
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